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As a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have numerous techniques and have had great success with a variety of issues.

My passion is to facilitate positive change in people who are struggling with the difficulties of living, using Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques.  


Allow me to personalise a program specifically for you.


Hypnotherapy can help you to resolve obstacles – even one session can make a tremendous difference.   

Although your subconscious is more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you cannot lose control over your behaviour. Contrary to how hypnosis is sometimes portrayed in movies or on stage shows, you don't lose control whilst under hypnosis or turn into a chicken or reveal your deepest darkest secrets.


Are you struggling with the difficulties of living?

 There is one constant in life,

If change is something that is always happening to us, then why don't we ensure these changes are always for our personal betterment?

Its time we took control of all aspects of our well being. Its time for change!

Allow me to design a program specifically for you to facilitate the positive change you desire.

Addiction concept with cigarettes and ha
stop smoking

Stop Smoking Package 

Stop Smoking in 1 session, 2 hours - $300

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to take the edge off your goal. 

My approach to stopping smoking changes the unconscious mind of a smoker to that of an effortless non-smoker.

I too was a smoker for around 25 years, until Hypnotherapy.  

Now Im a passionate Hypnotherapist helping smokers to regain their lives without the cigarette habit!

Everyone is different, allow me to design a plan just for you.

I understand how it feels and how to make it a whole lot easier to Stop permanently!


I quit smoking using Hypnotherapy and still cant believe how easy it was. Thank You

Mr S. Safety Bay Western Australia

When I was young I fell down an escalator and really feared using them after that. Now I can step onto an escalator without being bothered about it. Hypnosis has worked wonders for me.

Mrs. R. Warnbro

Western Australia

Hi Sally,  just wanted to let you know how I was doing back on site. My first week in Perth was a breeze and being at work has been way easier than I expected, so thanks. Gave your number to a few of the guys who want to  stop smoking.

Ray T. Port Hedland, WA

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